Amblit Technologies purchased the Adeept PiCar Pro Robot Car Kit from Amazon in January 2022 for $169.50. A description of the kit can be found here.  The kit has two (2) different configurations: pivoting head with camera and light or a robot arm with a simple gripper. Both can indepdendly assembled, but some disassembly and reassembly is required to mount either on the car chasis.

The car kit features four (4) wheel drive (i.e., a motor on each wheel), ultrasound for object avoidance and distance measuring, and video for object motion following, color detection and real-time video transmission.  The robotic arm has three (3) degrees of freedom and can pick up small objects of up to 50 grams.

 The kit requires a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (includes Bluetooth) and must be purchased separately.  You should purchase at the least the 2 GB  RAM version.  Prior to the pandemic the 2 GB version could be purchased for the $45 retail price. Given the chip shortage this computer has been difficult to find, but can now be purchased in several different retail outlets and Amazon in the $150 to $200 range.

The kit requires two (2) 18650 lithium ion batteries and charger which must be purchased separately.  The video

An Adeept promotional video of the robot car can be found here.  The video demonstrates all of the different capabilities of the robot car and the computer based control system.

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