Robot STEM Kit Reviews

We purchase and review mainstream, retail robot kits and evaluate and report on them in six (6) steps.

Suggestions for Manufacturers

Robot STEM Kit reviews contain suggestions for manufacturers on how to create and manufacture better, more desirable kits for a wider audience.

Robot Industry News

Twice a day we scan various robot news sources and capture the latest news and information.

Basic STEM Knowledge

Robots embody a lot science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) information.  We are constantly collecting the best references and videos that describe how and why things work, and how to apply them in a robot.

Robots & STEM Kits

There are many different kinds of robots with varying degrees of intelligence and capabilities.  They are intended to take over the highly repetitive jobs and high risk activities.  Encyclopedia Britanica defines a robot as: “any automatically operated machine that replaces human effort, though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a humanlike manner”.

Robots come in all different sizes, shapes and forms.  They can travel on land and water, swim beneath the surface of the water, fly in the air and travel in space.  They can be stationary as in an assembly line where they add or aid in the construction of something over and over again.

With each passing year and the advancement of science and technology, some robots become more human like and difficult to distinguish from a human beings.  Click here to see a video from 2022 of the 15 most human like robots.


Students are our future.  Technology and robots are a major part of that future too.  How are we going to get more students engaged in learning and understanding robots, developing new ones and applying them in new and novel ways?

There is more to simply assembling a robot from a kit.  How does the robot work?  Why does it work the way it does?  Can it be changed?  What can’t it do?  What shouldn’t do?

Students must also have fun.  If not, there are too many other things that they can do.

Amblit Technologies is here to help each student regardless of age and ability to figure out where to start, what kit to purchase and build… and for those that are experienced what to do next.  If not a kit, then where/what can they do to enhance their knowledge of robotics.

Click here for a list of robot STEM kits that we have evaluated or are intending to evaluate in the near future.  And if you’d like to evaluate some other kit which we not identified, feel free to submit it here.


Manufacturers & Teachers

There are a lot of small manufacturers of robotic kits that emphasize STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering  – Mathematics).  Most of these manufacturers are based in China, so Enlish is a second language.  Most robotic kits are NOT complete.  Most require batteries.  If additional programming is required and usually is necessary for STEM lessons, then a suitable computer with keyboard, monitor and (USB, Ethernet and/or Bluetooth) communications is also required.

What type of computer can be used with which kits?  The traditional choices are Windows PC, Macintosh OS and Linux.  Are there additional requirements with regards to memory, communications and programming?

Amblit Technologies has identified a six (6) process for evaluating and scoring a robotic stem kit.  This process is intended to help the student determine which kit to purchase, the teachor which lesson(s) to emphasize and what the manufacturer needs to do to improve the overall quality of their current product and those they produce in the future..