Basic STEM Videos

How does a robot work? STEM

Following are videos that provide basic descriptions of key science, technology, engineering and mathematics as it pertains to robots:

Feel free to share other How-to videos that emphasize learning and STEM (click here). And if you have or know of a better video than is listed here, please share that too.

More Advanced Videos

Additional videos with more advanced information and material for more background knowledge:

  • The All-New Arduino IDE 2.0: Introduction and Test (YouTube video) (includes historical summary of Arduino development)
  • Raspberry Pi – Overview and Getting Started (YouTube video) (includes description of the different models)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Getting Started (YouTube video) (Uses a CanaKit to create a standalone computer system based on the Raspberry PI OS, a Linux variant )
  • Introduction – Sensors Used in Robots (both assumes some engineering knowledge, but provide real-world examples)