Robot Intelligence

Multiple computers, controllers & sensors working intimately together

Are robots and their artificial intelligence (AI) sentient (= able to perceive or feel things)? Here is an interesting video that gives an indication of where we are today (click here).

Can robots create things and have an imagination? Creativity is defined as the use of your imagination or original ideas to produce something new, especially in the production of artistic work. A The Guardian article where two scientists and two artists attempt to answer the question (click here).

There is also the challenge of determining whether a ‘work’ is original or not. Computers today with access to large bodies of knowledge are well suited to determine whether something is new and original. They are also well suited to deduce new, unexplored research avenues to pursue. Think Open AI’s ChatGPT.

Where is robot intelligence located?

A robot minimally contains sensors to be aware and interact with its environment, controllers and actuators if some part of the robot is moveable and one or more communication devices to receive commands and/or send information to some monitoring or controlling entity. A robot does not necessarily need a local computer to perform analysis or to modify its behavior.