The Yahboom Jetson Nano Robotic (JetBot) Developer Kit was purchased from Amazon on April 1, 2022 for $278.99.  The kit does NOT include the Jetson Nano computer so the Yahboom Jetson Nano 4GB SUB Developer Kit was purchased at the same time from Amazon for $298.00 (The prices has subsquently come down since the purchase more than six (6) months ago).  The Yahboom Jetson Nano is the 16GB eMMC version which has different storage system configuration than the standard Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit.  Unlike the standard developer kit, the storage system comes preloaded with an operating system and the appropriate support tools and libaries.

The JetBot is a multi-function tank.  It has a 3-dimensional (moves in any direction) HD camera and head for real-time video viewing and artificial intelligence (AI) video image processing and object recognition thru the Jetson Nano computer.  Other functions include autopilot, object tracking, face recognition, color tracking, edge tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions.  All of the program code is open source for study and modification and is executed in the Ubuntu (Linux) Operating System environment.

Several promotional videos show and demonstrate the robot in action:

Click here for a promotion video which demonstrates what can be done with an Nvidia Jetson Nano.